Klondike Open to Motorized Boats Saturday

When DWP announced the closure of Klondike Lake to motorboats and jet skis, citizens immediately put out petitions and began to fight. The Save Klondike Committee has gathered more than 1500 signatures to keep the lake open, and this week-end DWP has agreed to open the lake to all craft if they are inspected for quagga mussels. That’s the frightful pest that has infested other waterways in the West.klondike_gate

DWP crews set up a new gate area to keep boats out except for some Saturdays. The sign says boats can enter this Saturday, but owners will have to get them inspected first.

Inspections for quagga take place at Crowley Lake and Diaz Lake. For use at Klondike, boat owners need to take their craft to DWP headquarters at 300 Mandich Lane in Bishop. Inspections are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 3pm. Call for an appointment.

Meanwhile, the Save Klondike Committee has continued to organize and to explore solutions to keep Klondike Lake open to motorized boats. Members of the committee point out that Klondike Lake has been a local favorite watering hole for many years and is identified as a mitigation/ enhancement measure to offset negative environmental impacts created from groundwater pumping by DWP.

To bring in more of the community, the Committee will hold two public workshops. The first – Thursday, May 28, at the Bishop Elks Lodge at 6:30pm. The second meeting will take place in Big Pine, later.

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