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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





I’ve been asked many times over the years to endorse people running for political office but I have never considered it before now. For most political offices I feel that voters should do their own homework and find out where candidates stand on issues related to that office rather than rely on endorsements to steer them toward one candidate or another. But the position of Superior Court Judge is fundamentally different. There are no real “issues” that judge candidates can take positions on, are there? I suspect in the end the best judge is the one who has the best combination of technical expertise in the law and judicial temperament and personal character.

So for whatever it is worth, I wanted to offer some of my reasons for endorsing Randy Gephart for the position of Mono County Superior Court Judge. Since I know him more personally than professionally, the following are a few of my own rather unique reasons for supporting Randy.

Randy is a very smart man. But he’s not one of those intellectually superior guys. Randy is well read and has a great vocabulary, but is able to communicate in clear, accessible lay terms.

Randy is open-minded. I’ve had political conversations with Randy where we differ radically in perspectives, and sometimes I am able to persuade him, sometimes not. Either way, he listens well, is thoughtful about his responses and engages respectfully.

Randy has an inquiring mind. He is interested in many things in life besides the law. He is an active outdoors guy; he is a husband and father; he is also a big reader, a music lover and community volunteer. I think the fullness of Randy’s life experiences and interests will help inform his judgments on the bench.

Randy is the most liberated man I know. He is just as likely as his attorney wife to be in Vons shopping for dinner, loading the dishwasher or moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer. He is about as equal a partner in household and parenting duties as any man I’ve ever known. I would love to see someone that gender-neutral on the bench.

Finally, I like the fact that most of Randy’s experience has been in his own business, not pulling a government paycheck. While there is nothing wrong with public sector work, my experience is that there is also nothing like having to make payroll and bill real people for your work. I think our courts would benefit from having a judge with Randy’s private sector experience.

In a very rural county with two fine, likeable fellows running for the same elected position, neither of whom is a real politician, sometimes it is only the personal things which distinguish one from the other. I hope some of things I mentioned help illuminate Randy Gephart the man a bit better for those of you who might not know him. I think he would make a great judge.

Kathy Cage
Former member of the Mammoth Lakes Town Council & longtime Mammoth local