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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024





6/18/20: CHP Bishop Office

“A juvenile driver from Bishop, CA was driving southbound US-395 and had stopped in the two-way left turn lane at MacGregor Avenue waiting to make a left turn. Maxwell Silver of Bishop, CA was riding his electric bicycle northbound US-395 on the northbound right shoulder at approximately 40 mph approaching MacGregor Avenue.

The juvenile began a left turn across the northbound lanes and onto the northbound right shoulder.  Mr. Silver observed the other vehicle and tried to stop.  Mr. Silver contacted the right front of the other vehicle.  Due to the force of the collision Mr. Silver was ejected from the bicycle and made contact with the ground. Mr. Silver was transported to Northern Inyo Hospital with a possible fractured wrist.

The following agencies were on scene and rendered aid, and assisted with the collision investigation: Bishop CHP, Bishop Fire Department, CALTRANS, Big Pine Fire Department, Symons Ambulance.”