rustyjune2The last time Rusty Gregory stood before the June Lake Citizen Advisory Committee he had to deliver some extremely unfortunate news. However, at the meeting that took place on November 5th at 7pm in June Lake, the Mammoth Mountain CEO was in high spirits as he announced that June Mountain would open on December 13, 2013. In an hour and fifteen minute long presentation, that included a question and answer portion, Rusty would go on to submit a three point plan for June Mountain and introduce Mammoth’s reorganized Executive Management Team.

The presentation began with a slide that laid out the three point plan for June Mountain, point one being that the mountain would reopen for the 2013/14 Season. The other points are to “submit a project proposal for snowmaking expansion and a lift up the face in January of 2014,” and to, “work with the community to develop a plan to increase the number of transient units available in June Lake.” Mr. Gregory left the expansion of these points to the new management team at Mammoth Mountain who he assured, “would be involved and accountable to June Mountain.”  What Rusty does say is that, “Mammoth is not the best place for families.” He goes on to credit this to the fact that people visiting Mammoth ski fast and party hard.  With that in mind, they have decided to market June differently.

June Mountain, with the resources of the Mammoth Mountain Marketing Department, is targeting their advertising efforts to, “families with young children.” And the number one way they are doing this is by letting children 12 and under ski free all season long with absolutely no black out dates.  O’ to be young…sigh. Another way they plan on marketing to families is by bringing back June’s beloved mascot, Bucky, and integrating him with Woolly and friends. June Mountain will primarily be focusing on programs that will occupy a child’s whole day and bring the family together. The Mammoth Mountain Marketing Team hopes that they can change the perception in Southern California that June Mountain’s sole purpose is to accommodate Mammoth’s overflow.

While June may be marketed differently than Mammoth Mountain, the Executive Management Team made it clear that, “June Mountain is opening up with the full might and support of Mammoth Mountain Resources.” During the question and answer portion, the June crowd seemed relatively grateful to Rusty and the rest of the Mammoth Team and they certainly appeared excited about the prospect of reopening.  Many rumors were dispelled that night and Rusty Gregory assured those in attendance that the, “only way June closes is if we get no snow.”

Some more fun facts:

-Opening Day at June Mountain is December 13 and tickets are just $10 with all proceeds going back into the community.

-June Mountain Passes will be valid at Mammoth Mountain after April 20, 2013.

-College passes are $99.

-Local Pass Sale going on at Double Eagle in June Lake Saturday November 9, 2013

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