June Lake Stabbing- Beer Related

Early Monday morning, Mono Sheriff deputies were called out to the June Lake Fire Station for a report of a victim who had been stabbed. Shannon Kendall with the Sheriffs Department reports that paramedics told the deputies that the victim had been stabbed earlier in the evening.

With further investigations, deputies learned that the victim had been at a barbecue at a June Lake apartment, according to Kendall. Two of the people at the party, who had apparently been drinking, got into a fight regarding the fact that the beer supply had run out, officers report.

Kendall explained that the victim did not realize that he had been stabbed during the fight. It was after the victim returned home that he spotted the blood and discovered that he had been stabbed several times in the upper torso, officers say. The victim then called relatives to help him.

Deputies identified the suspect as 28 year old June Lake resident Jose Enrique Vasquez. Vasquez was arrested at his residence for assault with a deadly weapon.

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