June Lake: Rodeo Grounds Should Preserve Views

The June Lake Community Center was packed full of interested community members on Tuesday night, as Intrawests Rodeo Grounds proposal underwent the second of three peer review meetings that will culminate in a recommendation to the Mono County Planning Commission.

The proposed development would occur across the Highway from June Mountain ski area, and would include over 900 condominium, single family residences, and affordable housing units.

During the first peer review in January, attendees sifted through 77 Design Guidelines and isolated the top 15, which were presented to Intrawest for consideration.

At Tuesdays meeting, members of Intrawests design team were present to discuss their response to the priorities.

6 of the 15 priorities were related to preserving views and natural features, and designers explained that by concentrating density where there are more trees, they could lessen the visual impact.

Representatives also discussed how they could customize the project to reduce impacts to ridgeline views by limiting the size of single family building heights through the use of lot-specific building envelopes.

Although building heights of residences were discussed, Intrawest representatives declined to say if the priorities had prompted them to reconsider building heights in the village itself, currently proposed at 90 feet.

These meetings were the result of Intrawests submittal of a specific plan, but many attendees echoed comments that the information presented was not specific enough.

This sentiment caused the June Lake Citizens Advisory Board to postpone the schedule of the next peer review meeting so that Intrawest will have time to produce more details about the project. The meeting will be held in April.

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