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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





The June Lake Citizens Advisory Committee saw a scaled model of the proposed Rodeo Grounds development for the first time recently, and ended their meeting by finalizing their recommendations on the proposal.

The CAC has been working towards the recommendations for nearly a year. The group was mobilized to assess whether the project complied with the June Lake Community Design Guidelines adopted in 2002.

With the model sitting beside the CAC table, a consensus was eventually reached. The CAC adopted 2 separate sets of recommendations with some additional caveats.

Although the final wording will be adopted at their next meeting, preliminary wording is that the developer must "reduce grading and environmental impactsprovide public amenities early in the project," and to issue a conditional use permit that no ground will be disturbed if not commensurate with June Mountain improvements.

When the massing and height of the project came under discussion, CAC member Jil Stark was the only member who said she did not believe the project fit into the community, and opposed the building heights. Still, the recommendations will read that the massing, scale, and proposed building heights of up to 90 feet are "acceptable."

Intrawest is expected to submit a final version of the project to county staff soon, when the environmental studies will begin. Following the EIR process, it will be up to the Mono County Planning Commission to decide whether the final project lives up to the recommendations of the June Lake CAC.