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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





Inyo County's Superior Court Judge race has sailed mostly silently along with two candidates challenging incumbent Judge Brian Lamb. One of those challengers, a prosecutor, has received a law enforcement endorsement.

Deputy District Attorney Mark Johnson issued a press release Friday that says the members of the Bishop Police Department Peace Officers' Association voted to endorse him for Judge after interviewing all three candidates.

Johnson explains at length his appreciation for the endorsement. As Johnson points out, he works closely with police in his work as a prosecutor. Johnson also states that the endorsement underscores what he believes are problems with the court process. He points to a question from officers about "wasting their time sitting in court waiting to testify."

Judge Lamb had handled criminal cases for about 3 months in the past year. Presiding Judge Dean Stout has dealt with criminal cases during the remainder of the last 8 years and before.