More on the Mono County Grand Jury Report, of particular interest this time due to the investigation into the Mammoth Police Department.forstenzer

Mono Superior Court Judge Ed Forstenzer, the presiding judge, will review the draft submitted by the Jury. Judge Forstenzer said the Jury filed their report with the Judge on June 30th. He explained that he will review it and so will the Mono County Counsel.

Judge Forstenzer said this process would probably take a couple of weeks. “We need to spend time on this,” said the Judge, “to make sure the report is appropriate and in compliance with the law.” Judge Forstenzer described the report as “lengthy and detailed.”

Judge Forstenzer underscored that he and the County Counsel will not tamper with the content. Once the review is complete, Mono County officials will release the report to the public and media and post it on the Mono County website.

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