JJ’s Journey Explores Autism

A recent study shows that about one in 150 American children has autism. These new numbers loom higher than previous reports. Besides finding more children with autism than earlier thought, the study sheds light on another problem – children are being diagnosed too late. Locally, a mother with an autistic child took action. Lori Ciccarelli produced her own film about her son, Jeremy. She calls it JJ's Journey – a Journey About Autism. jj_journey.jpg

The unveiling of Ciccarelli's work brought tears and applause at the showing in Mammoth Lakes last month. The film will air again this Saturday in Bishop. The funds raised will go toward Bishop High School's autism awareness fund.

On her website, Lori Ciccarelli says that she believes those living with autism can lead very happy, productive lives. She says her goal is to help educate society and support those dealing with this disorder.


(Lori Ciccarelli and son Jeremy)


Her film, JJ's Journey reveals the struggles, challenges and triumphs of JJ in a 110 minute documentary focusing on autism awareness, education, tolerance, talents and the miracle of an "awakening" through neuro feedback therapy.

Check it out at www.autismjourney.net and see the film Saturday at Bishop High School auditorium at 6pm.


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