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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





“Truth always wins!”
by Dianne Evans

This letter is in response to a Political Flyer that Bob Peters recently sent out and also claims he has publicly made.

1) I, Dianne Evans, in 2001-2002 started a campaign to win the T.O.T. Tax which was to get extra money for the Paramedics Program and Tourism. My supporters on this campaign were Sheriff Paranik and then Supervisor John Cecil. I got the backing of ABC and CBS. We were on TV with Dunbar, Tyson and a nurse from St Mary’s. We won with an 88.26 mandate and we were able to save the paramedics program and I received accommodations for this effort. (see attached).

2) The ATV event started by the Northern Mono Chamber of Commerce in Coleville had trouble with CalTrans and it’s costly regulations and requirements. We did not have issues with any of the other departments mentioned by Bob Peter’s flyer. Furthermore he used people’s names in the flyer attempting to indicate their support, which he dos not have, and without obtaining their permission. He also used the Chambers name in which he has no involvement. This is just plain wrong.

3) At one time, there was trouble brewing regarding the lease/options with the Antelope Valley Thrift Store and Recycling Center in Walker. Then Supervisor Bill Reid (now deceased) worked a long hard time to get the new lease before Bob Peters became involved. Bill set the ground work and therefore much of the credit goes to his efforts.

I could go on, but my point is, it is a shame when someone takes credit for things others have done. The credit belongs to those who have done the work!

Dianne Evans, Community Worker