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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024





Press release

If you are a person who is currently recycling or you are interested in finding out about recycling, then you may be amongst the many who find it confusing and sometimes even difficult to know exactly what you can recycle today and where you can recycle things that would otherwise be dumped in the landfill.

INYO350 group meets with Cap
Aubrey at the Sunland Landfill
Recycling area.

Lately things have been changing and evolving in the world of recycling in relation to which countries will accept our recycled waste or what industries exist in our country to process items that have been recycled.   It makes it tough to know what to do, so some people just decide to bypass the effort and let everything go to the landfill.

A group of INYO350 members (that’s the local activist organization working on Climate Change, local environmental concerns and social and economic justice) decided that they had way more questions than answers when it came to being able to talk knowledgably about local recycling.  Recently they decided to start investigating to learn all that they could with the goal of sharing what they learned to promote recycling in Inyo County.

Members of INYO350 recycling
group meet with Cheyenne
Stone at the North 40 Recycling
Center at Fort Independence.

During the week of January 21 the group toured the Sunland Landfill Recycling Center where they were  toured around and educated by Cap Aubrey, Inyo County Recycling Waste Management supervisor.

Next they went to the Mammoth Disposal Recycling Center where all Bishop Waste curbside recycling, and a majority of the Sunland recycling material, is taken for processing.  Here the group had a wonderful tour from Operations Manager Michelle Irwin.  The group rounded out the week with a very enlightening tour of the North 40 Recycling Center by Cheyenne Stone, Assistant Tribal Administrator of Fort Independence.

All three of these dedicated recycling professionals endured a barrage of questions from the group and they did their best to clarify what is happening with recycling in Inyo County.

Processed material ready for
transport form the Mammoth
Disposal Recycling Center.

It was a highly educational week for the group.  Their task now is to get any final questions answered or clarified and then make their findings and discoveries available publicly so that all residents of Inyo County can be a part of the solution of reducing the waste in our landfills.

Stay tuned for information that will be forthcoming, that hopefully will provide you with all you need to know about the art and the science of recycling in Inyo County.

For more information or to become a part of this effort please call Nancy Upham at 760-937-8081.