Inyo wins silver for State Fair exhibit


The most popular part of the exhibit, Death Valley Dave, is a skeleton who lets folks get their picture taken with him as he assures them, “It’s a dry heat” in Death Valley.
Photo by Rich and Kathy White.


The California State Fair opened on July 12 for an 18 day run.  As they have for many years, Rich and Kathy White represent Inyo at the County booth, along with many other volunteers. At the Awards Ceremony the afternoon of the opening, Inyo County received a Silver Award for its exhibit.  The exhibit, funded by Inyo County, was designed to promote tourism to Inyo.

Features of the exhibit include a Tony Rowell video entitled “Exploring Inyo County”; 3 murals by artist Ruby Garza; video of Mule Days, High School Rodeo, and the Buttermilks by Skandar Reid; a ranching photo collage by Lester Leslie; materials provided by Manzanar National Historic Site; and many photos and other materials provided by individuals and organizations.  The exhibit is staffed daily by enthusiastic volunteers from all areas of the county.



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Charles James
Charles James
9 years ago

How others view our area is vital to the success of our local economies, all of which are interdependent. For example, what happens in June Lake will have an affect on what happens in our other towns and venues when it comes to tourism, jobs, and the quality of life for our residents.

Promoting our area, which has many of the same popular attractions that bring visitors to the west side of the Sierras but with fewer crowds and hassles, is a good message for us to keep out there. “Out of sight; out of mind” is not where we want to find ourselves!

Rich and Kathy White of Independence have been representing our area for years at the California State Fair and have always done a very good job of it. That they consistently win awards on our area’s behalf is a credit to their dedication and their love of our area.

Dr. Seuss said that, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

While Dr. Seuss was referring to a different form of love, the sentiment that “reality” can be better than your dreams is certainly a fitting description of our area. The great thing about the love many of us have for our communities and its natural wonders is that we have the added benefit of being able to live here, experience it daily, and yet be able to sleep well on top of it! Thank you Rich and Kathy for taking and sharing our dreams to others.