Inyo Water Department prepares supervisors for future

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has come slowly, very slowly to even considering that the level of groundwaterpumpgroundwater is the basis of groundwater management. Inyo County Water Department and DWP staff have pondered this reality for a number of years as they try to revise the groundwater pump management part of the Long Term Water Agreement.

Water Director Bob Harrington talked to the Inyo Supervisors about this in preparation of what may come from DWP’s new groundwater pumping plan, due in yesterday. Last year, Inyo County did not like DWP’s plan. Harrington said it contained too much pumping, but the County did not dispute it. Instead, Harrington wrote to DWP that this coming spring, Inyo expected DWP to come up with a new pilot project for pumping management in Aberdeen and Big Pine.

Depending on what DWP’s plan for this year says, Inyo will work with DWP or develop plans on its own. Harrington said the next workshop with the Supervisors will deal in much more detail, again, depending on DWP’s new pumping plan. Harrington said the next workshop will happen sometime in mid-May.

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