inyosups 1-4-11As expected, the Inyo Supervisors played it safe with their appointments to the Inyo Water Commission.  They re-appointed Mike Prather and added former Bishop Police Chief and former City Councilman Bruce Dishion to the list.

Left on the cutting room floor again were former Water Department vegetation specialist Sally Manning, a vocal critic of the handling of water issues; Daniel Pritchett of the California Native Plant Society; former Inyo School Superintendent George Lozito; and citizen Jack Pound.

The Supervisors had no discussion of the appointment.  Supervisor Rick Pucci made a motion to re-appoint Prather and add Dishion.  Pucci is very familiar with Dishion with whom he worked while Bishop City Administrator.

Water issues that lie ahead include a dispute process over a legal issue involving whether Inyo has to come up with a mitigation plan even before Department of Water and Power pumps do damage.

The Black Rock area also remains a critical issue.   The Inyo Water Department had earlier issued a report of pumping damage to vegetation in that area.  Water Department Director Bob Harrington had said that there are many issues with DWP but the County wants to concentrate on these two water issues.

They may also decide to dispute DWP’s pumping plan this year which includes increased pumping in Laws and Independence.

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