Inyo Votes McCain, Mono Backs Obama

Local voter turnout was high. Inyo County reports 71% of registered voters headed out to the polls or voted absentee. Mono County had just under 75% or registered voters cast a ballot.

For president Mono County voted for the Democratic candidate Barak Obama at 55% for Obama and 42% for Republican candidate John McCain. Votes for a democratic candidate are up when compared to the presidential elections in 2000 and 2004. In 2000, 40% of Mono County voters chose Democrat Al Gore, while 5.3% voted for Ralph Nader. Republican George Bush won Mono County that year with 52%.

In 2004 there was a shift, leaving Mono County essentially an even split. By a margin of seven votes Mono County voters chose Democratic Candidate John Kerry over George Bush.

Inyo County remains solidly Republican when it comes to voting for President though this year shows a slight drop for the GOP. On Tuesday, 53% of Inyo County voters chose Republican candidate John McCain. In 2000 and 2004, Inyo County voters chose George Bush at close to 60% in both elections.

This year showed a bump for the democrats in Inyo County, possibly due in part to Republicans crossing party lines rather then a shift toward the Democratic Party. 44% of the voters chose Democrat Barak Obama. This is up from 2004, when John Kerry received 39% of the Inyo vote. In 2000, 34% of Inyo voters chose Al Gore, with 4.4% choosing Ralph Nader.

On the divisive issue of changing the state constitution to make it illegal for two gay people to get married if they so choose, 55% of Mono County voters thought this was a bad idea. 40% of Inyo voters voted no on proposition 8 with 60% voting to approve the measure.


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