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Grand Jury reports in both Inyo and Mono pointed to problems with county jails. In Mono, most prisoners come from Mammoth and that's a long drive to the Bridgeport jail. In Inyo, there are problems with all of the miles, potential for crowding in the jail and problems with hiring and retaining deputies and correction officers.

The Inyo Jury report says that the County needs to "solve the recruiting, training and retention of Sheriff's deputies and correctional officers before it becomes acute." The report notes that this was the exact recommendation made by the 2000-2001 Inyo County Grand Jury.

The Jury report recommends that the Inyo Supervisors deal with the need for additional deputies, especially in the outlying and remote sections of Inyo.

One more thing. The Jury found that the Inyo Sheriff's office, Bishop Police and CHP need direct vehicle to vehicle communcations.