Inyo passes drought proclamation

inyo_courthouse.jpgThey adopted a drought proclamation, described a visit with the Los Angeles Mayor, and considered placement of their proclamation on a joint Inyo-LA committee meeting agenda. The Inyo Supervisors acknowledged the serious environmental conditions so far and got it on the record.

The Board supported a three-page drought proclamation, with some wording changes, which makes note of our serious situation, very low snowpack in the Sierra, dry wells in Bishop, concerns about use of water on the dry lake and the need for LADWP and Inyo to plan for the dry times. Philip Anaya pointed to the need for dialogue among Inyo, DWP, Edison and others to look for ways to live with drought conditions. The Owens Valley Committee also weighed in.

Later in the meeting, when the Water Department asked the Board about items for the Inyo-Los Angeles Standing Committee meeting February 7th, the outspoken DWP lessee and rancher, Daris Moxley, stood up and said, “The drought proclamation should be addressed at the Standing Committee meeting so they know what has happened.” Said Moxley, “I’ve dealt with DWP for a long time. They like to delay and they will.”

Moxley said she thought it was important for this to be on the agenda February 7th since the meeting will take place in Independence and local people might like to be there to talk about the adopted proclamation.

Two Board members talked about a meeting with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday in LA. Supervisor Linda Arcularius had initiated that meeting during her term as Board Chair, but plans actually came together once Supervior Rick Pucci had taken on the chairmanship. The two Board members and County Administrator Kevin Carunchio went to LA and spent about an hour with Mayor Garcetti.

Chairman Pucci said the Inyo officials “really had no agenda.” He said they had a somewhat personal conversation with the Mayor. Said Pucci, “The importance of the meeting was to establish a relationship between LA and Inyo. For 100 years,” he said, “we have had a water and land ownership relationship. We wanted to introduce ourselves. If we need something on a professional level,” he said, “it will now be a lot easier.”

Supervisor Linda Arcularius said Mayor Garcetti was “very generous with us. He is a true gentleman. I’m very optimistic.”


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3 Responses to Inyo passes drought proclamation

  1. Trouble January 29, 2014 at 7:15 am #

    Why not just send me to L.A. to introduce myself to the mayor that was bought and paid for by DWP?

    • Benett Kessler January 29, 2014 at 10:10 am #

      Actually, the DWP union financially supported Garcetti’s opponent. But, of course, we are all skeptical of LA officials. They want the water.
      Benett Kessler

    • Desert Tortoise January 30, 2014 at 8:59 am #

      The DWP union threw it’s money and support to Wendy Gruel against her opponent Mr. Garcetti, who is now the mayor. If you saw the LA Times in the last few days you saw that prosecutors are now going after that union over the $40 million spent on those two “non-profit trusts” co-managed by LADWP and it’s union. Paybacks are tough. I would not assume Mr. Garcetti is particularly in love with anyone at DWP.


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