Inyo-Mono Supervisors: Fireworks, state budget, firearms


UPDATE: Mono Deputy County Counsel Tara McKenzie clarified the firearm discharge ordinance at the Mono Supervisors’ meeting. McKenzie said that the ordinance would expand the no-shooting zone in Long Valley, including Crowley. The zone would include the ballfield near the school district parcel.

McKenzie said residents also wanted current maps to refer to the “150 yard” legal hunting safety zone around dwellings. “They also wanted it known that you can not shoot across highways or streets,” said McKenzie. The ordinance also includes posting of no-shooting maps and exemptions to allow archery target practice.”

The Chalfant Valley community requested an exemption from the no-shooting rule to allow for killing of agricultural animals.


The Eastern Sierra communities know about fire. Many of our towns have been hit by fire – either a close call or, like Big Pine, a dead loss of homes. With that as background, Inyo Supervisor Marty Fortney will talk about a ban on fireworks in Inyo County at Tuesday’s board meeting. He will talk about exceptions to the ban as well.

On Tuesday at 10:30 am, Fortney will talk about fireworks regulation. In an agenda letter, Fortney says, “Irresponsible use of fireworks in the county of Inyo has become a concern.” Fortney notes a number of fires set off by misuse of fireworks last Fourth of July. The Supervisor points to a lack of parental guidance or supervision. He writes, “If parents would take care of the issues at hand, I would not feel the need to provide this, as I am opposed to the ‘Nanny State’ mentality.” Fortney added that many adults seem to also show a lack of common sense or respect when it comes to the use of fireworks.

Fortney calls for the ban of the use of fireworks in Inyo with exceptions. He would support fireworks within legally designated fire district boundaries. He says “Safe and Sane” fireworks could still be sold since this raises funds for local groups. Tribal lands would be exempt. The Sheriff’s Department would enforce the ordinance. More on Tuesday.

Both Inyo and Mono Supervisors will likely talk about the state budget and any new developments there that will impact mono_courthouse_10-08counties. The Mono Board will also consider an employment contract with Alicia Vennos as the County Economic Development Manager.

Supervisor Tim Hansen wants the Board to consider submission of comments to the Forest Service on the Pacific Crest Trail Crossing project on the Bridgeport Ranger District.

Supervisor Larry Johnston wants the Board to consider changes to the agenda format. The IT Department will bring up streaming Board of Supervisor meetings on the internet. The County Counsel will bring up a proposed ordinance pertaining to the regulation of firearm discharge in the county. CAO Dave Wilbrecht said the proposed ordinance expands the no-shooting zone around Chalfant to include both sides of the highway.

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