Results for Mono County are posted first, followed by Inyo. Scroll down to see what you want to know. Mono and Mammoth votes are done, however more than 50 provisional ballots filled out at polling places, mostly in Mammoth, were scheduled for a count Wednesday morning. The Mono Supervisor District 1 could change and conceivably so could the Mammoth Town Council race. We will report those results Wednesday morning. Inyo is pending.

Mammoth Town Council:


*Matthew Lehman 771

*John Eastman 626

*Rick Wood 548


Kirk Stapp 519

Dawn Vereuck 482

Sharon Clark 451

Tony Barrett 432

Allen Blumer 141


Mono Supervisor Dist 1:

*Larry Johnston 210 Tentative winner with provisional ballots to be counted.

Bill Sauser 205

Mono Supervisor Dist 4:

*Tim Fesko 269 Run-off

*Tim Hansen 285

Renn Nolan 222

Bobby Tems 46


Mono Superior Court Judge:

*Randy Gephart 1458 Run-Off

*Mark Magit 1564


Therese Hankel 341


Mono County Sheriff:

Doug Northington 1124

*Rick Scholl 2142 Winner


Mammoth Measure M:

*Yes 861 Passed

No 683

Mammoth Measure U:

*Yes 1035 Passed

No 499


Inyo Supervisor Dist 3:

Bev Brown 152

Rick Pucci 320

Karen Ball Summers 91


Inyo District Attorney:

Gerard Harvey 554

Art Maillet 1708


Inyo Treasurer/ Tax Collector:

Jeff Buss 824

Alicia McMurtrie 1,399


Inyo Clerk/Recorder:

Kammi Foote 1859

Merie Hannah 353

Measure A in Big Pine:

Yes 140

No 87


Bishop Unified School Board:

John Ellis 734

Jesse Jason 460

Carl Lind 1109

Trina Orrill 874

Eric Richman 803

Jim Tatum 1140

Kathy Zack 1024

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