Over a week after voters headed to the polls, there is still no official winner in the race for Inyo County Superior Court Judge. At last count, incumbent judge Brian Lamb has an 80 vote edge over candidate Tom Hardy.

When the polls closed November 4, 3507 people had voted for Lamb. Hardy had 3425 votes, a difference of 82 people.

1200 mail in ballots were counted up by Friday of last week, giving Lamb a total of 4067 votes to Hardys 3987 votes. With these 1200 additional votes, the difference had dropped slightly to 80 votes between the two, but 116 provisional ballots remain to be counted.

Provisional ballots are for people who show up at the polls to vote and for a number of reasons, are not on the voter rolls. Election officials have to investigate each of these provisional ballots to see if the ballot is valid.

That process is ongoing. Election officials say that the provisional ballot count could be finished by Thursday afternoon. In the meantime, Brian Lamb has the slight edge, but with the numerical possibility that the votes could come in for Tom Hardy, this race is too close call for certain.


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