Inyo Grand Jury Issues Interim Report on Law Enforcement Facilities

In an interim report, the Inyo County Grand Jury has listed problems and solutions for the Inyo County Jail, Bishop Police Department, Inyo Juvenile Detention Center and Owens Valley Conservation Camp. It's unknown what prompted the jury to issue an early report on these matters.inyo_county_jail.jpg

On the Inyo County Sheriff's Department, the Jury urged completion of the upgrades on the equipment in all law enforcement vehicles to include dash mounted video surveillance equipment.

The Jury urged vehicle to vehicle communication means for police, CHP and Sheriff's deputies. They recommended repair or replacement of non-functioning equipment in the kitchen, accurate maps for dispatch, and proper storage of hazardous cleaning materials.

The Jury also underscored the importance of agency cooperation on drug enforcement on public lands.

As for the Bishop Police Department, the Grand Jury recommends that the Bishop City Council find a facility to meet police needs. They call the current facility one of "inadequate space".

The Jury calls for upgrades to kitchen and laundry equipment in the juvenile detention center, as well as measures to reduce the return rate. The Jury also noted that the facility received a grant more than a year ago to install a greenhouse. They urge that someone get on with that.

Finally, the Owens Valley conservation Camp. The Jury found that the perimeter should be equipped with surveillance cameras to prevent the smuggling of contraband from outside the facility. They praised the work programs of the camp.

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