Inyo DA Supports Cops, Files Charges

An investigation by the Inyo District Attorney’s staff supports actions by law enforcement in a May 26th shoot-out with Rueben Sandoval, who will now face charges of attempted murder and assault on a police officer.

Officers from literally all law enforcement agencies in Inyo and Mono responded to the incident- Inyo Sheriff, Bishop Police, Mono Sheriff and Mammoth Police.

On Saturday May 26th, two Inyo Sheriff’s deputies tried to arrest Sandoval on an outstanding traffic warrant. Sandoval reportedly ran and then fired a shot at the officers. Sandoval found a friend and fled with her in her vehicle. Officers ordered a stop. Sandoval reportedly shot at them. They returned fire only after ordering the female driver out of the car.

The bullet holes were later obvious in the vehicle. The District Attorney’s press statement says that a Mobile Audio Visual tape recorder shows Sandoval shooting from inside the SUV toward the officers.

Sandoval drove away and onto Highway 395, southbound. The SUV he was driving is shown here after he rolled the vehicle as officer tried to get him to stop. The District Attorney’s staff concluded that “the law enforcement officers involved in the shooting ‘feared for their safety and/or the safety of other officers’ or felt the suspect ‘was going to kill somebody” and acted pursuant to their training and experience.'”

The DA’s staff says they intend to file charges against Sandoval, who had been so seriously injured that authorities had doubted he would ever be able to face charges.

Charges against Sandoval are attempted murder of a peace officer, assault with a firearm upon a police officer, evading a police officer causing serious bodily injury and resisting arrest.


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