Inyo DA: Officer-involved shooting ‘lawful use of force’

Inyo County District Attorney press release

Investigators from the Inyo County District Attorney’s Office have completed their initial investigation into the officer involved shooting involving Deputy Sheriff Ruben Bradley which occurred August 26, 2016 near Bishop.

The purpose of the independent District Attorney investigation is to determine the lawfulness of the Deputy’s actions in using deadly force.

“Based upon my review of the interviews with all persons present at the time of the shooting, as well as the physical evidence collected, Deputy Bradley’s actions were a lawful use of force. The evidence shows that Deputy Bradley responded to an immediate threat of death or great bodily injury to himself and to fellow peace officers and his actions were justified”, said District Attorney Tom Hardy.

A loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun (with a round in the chamber) was taken from the person of Ray Bencoma immediately after the shooting. Officers present at the incident described Mr. Bencoma aiming the firearm at them, at which time Deputy Bradley fired at Mr. Bencoma.

The investigation will remain open pending receipt and review of forensic and toxicological analyses. Those analyses will probably not be complete for several weeks, at which time further information will be released.


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6 years ago

Thank you to all deputies for keeping our community safe! Best wishes to you deputy Bradley, now get back out there and keep protecting!!

6 years ago

im glad the DA released some more info on this. I hope does it more often. The one question I would liked to know is who was the register owner of the gun? Or how this felon got a gun?