UPDATE! Inyo County to expand COVID-19 testing for Online appointments to Bishop and Lone Pine sites

Inyo County to expand COVID-19 testing for Online appointments now available at Bishop and Lone Pine testing sites


INYO COUNTY, CA, June 10, 2020: Inyo County Public Health is opening two new community-based testing sites (CBTS) to expand COVID-19 testing for Inyo County residents, supported by the California Department of Public Health and in collaboration with Verily’s Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program.

Site information:

  • Bishop: Church of the Nazarene parking lot, 900 W Line Street, beginning Wednesday, June 10, 8 AM – 12:45 PM. Testing will continue to be available every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Lone Pine: Lone Pine Sports Complex, 602 N Main Street, beginning Friday, June 12, 8 AM -12:45 PM. Testing will continue to be available every Friday.

Residents can screen their symptoms and make an appointment online for testing using the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program online screener and appointment scheduling system found at www.projectbaseline.com/COVID19 .The screening and testing criteria are based on public health guidelines and may be updated to reflect the latest guidance from public health authorities.

“Getting more Inyo County residents tested is a key part of our reopening strategy,” stated Dr. James Richardson, Inyo County Health Officer.  “Unless we are able to test a large swath of the population, and test them regularly, it’s hard to know how well we’re containing community transmission of the virus and ensuring public safety.”

Inyo County’s community-based COVID-19 testing program is directed by Inyo County Public Health with operational support from Northern Inyo Healthcare District. In collaboration, the Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program provides a connected solution to support individuals from screening through testing and receipt of their test results. Verily developed The Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program, working closely with state and local government health authorities and other private health organizations, to expand access to COVID-19 screening and testing initially in areas with a high volume of known cases and has continued to increase access to testing across California and nationally. The Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program has supported the administration of over 220,000 COVID-19 tests to date.

Eligible persons must be 18 years or older, live or work in Inyo County, and be willing to electronically sign the COVID-19 Public Health Authorization Form and Lab Consent. Based on the COVID-19 screener and testing appointment availability, individuals will learn whether they are eligible for testing through this program and be provided a testing location appointment. Please visit www.projectbaseline.com/COVID19 to learn more.



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6 Responses to UPDATE! Inyo County to expand COVID-19 testing for Online appointments to Bishop and Lone Pine sites

  1. Brett June 12, 2020 at 8:02 pm #

    New news ..a young woman’s lungs destroyed by the C19 virus received a double lung transplant. Think about this, she will have to spend a lifetime taking immunosuppressant drugs, and may have need for further surgery in her future directly related to this. Yet we are seeing politics intervening against medical advice throughout this state.

    • Lori June 13, 2020 at 10:07 am #

      Brett, I think I misspoke. Your last comment made me see my mistake. When I said I would wear my mask in public, “. . . and my OCD with hand-washing should stop *me* from spreading it. But I’m not seeing much vigilance from our out-of-town guests.
      So TL;DR: Don’t even ask me to test.“

      I should have said instead, “. . .and my OCD with hand-washing should stop *me* from spreading it. But I’m not seeing much vigilance from our out-of-town guests.
      So TL;DR: Don’t even ask me to test UNTIL you plan on testing each individual from out of town coming through here FIRST.”.
      Thanks Brett. Get the word out, and tell our guests it’s “free”.

  2. Brett June 12, 2020 at 7:01 pm #

    Hmm…a school teacher in Colorado spent two weeks on a ventilator (nothing said in the news about how long he was in care, total) and received an $840,000 hospital bill for his “vacation” from reality as others know it. We are at over 2 million people confirmed exposed, 1.6 million active cases, and headed toward a possible 200,000 fatalities by July. And yet, not much is said about the medical costs folks are facing living in a country without”universal” health care. Lots of talk about the virus seriously messing up people with lifetime damage to lungs, cardiovascular system, brain, clotting, amputations of various exterior body parts, liver and kidney damage, etc.. So, what is the long term care cost associated with that fact? Better to be sitting down when that number is broadcast.
    So, for those who don’t care if they come down with Covid 19, good for you. Just keep it to yourself. Don’t endanger those of us who do care. Don’t endanger those care givers at our health centers, and be sure if you do seek care, that at the end of it all, survive or not, you pay the entire accrued medical expenses yourself so the rest of us don’t have to. That’s true liberty for you. So have at it.
    The experts have said all along, it’s important to test, in order to find out who has the virus in their system, so that we can proceed with contact tracing and isolating those who are exposed. We didn’t do this soon enough and often enough, and have been flying in a fog for months. The resulting uniqueness of our situation, not counting up and coming Brazil, is evident…just glance at Canada’s #’s in comparison to the U.S..
    One thing about this virus is certainly known, it’s main route of infection is through the air. And yet, talking to some business folks around Mammoth and Bishop, they have customers screaming at them about having to wear a face mask to enter their establishment. Businesses that are merely following state and local government health department requirements. Subject to heavy fines and potential loss of their business license, and at the same time, having to face angry residents and non residents about covering their mouth and nose. Make it easy, dress up like your living in the time of the black plague and simply heading off to a costume party….every day .

    • Lori June 12, 2020 at 8:26 pm #

      Brett, that sure is a lot of words.

  3. Lori June 12, 2020 at 11:38 am #

    I’m at a point with this where I’ve been essentially terrorized into thinking the end of the world was eminent with this virus. Then the ambiguous and arbitrary ways we’re opening up the county under state bans (like the travel one, the one us locals obeyed for the most part.)
    Then the weird PPE shortage headgames, phylarking and gaslighting. Then the testing shortage. Now some Google company wants my insurance info (among other info and consents) for a “free” test. Yeah, that’s going to be a hard, “no” from me.
    I don’t care if I get this virus at this point. I’m nearly worn down enough where dying on a ventilator from some virus is preferable to this “new normal”. I’ll obey the mask laws only because I respect the local grocer and the local businesses who are doing what they are required to do. So, that and my OCD with hand-washing should stop *me* from spreading it. But I’m not seeing much vigilance from our out-of-town guests.
    So TL;DR: Don’t even ask me to test.

  4. Philip Anaya June 10, 2020 at 1:55 pm #

    Thank You Inyo County Public Health , State of California Public Health, The folks hosting in Bishop and Lone Pine and Verily . Here is a FAQ link to the Verily Program https://www.projectbaseline.com/covid-faq/ . Public knowledge of the extent of the covid presence in our communities is a vital step to the reopening in the Eastern Sierra


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