By Deb Murphy

Tuesday’s Inyo County Board of Supervisors’ meeting may have set the record on brevity. With Chair Jeff Griffiths and Fifth District’s Matt Kingsley someplace between Sacramento and Kern County’s 150th Celebration, the short agenda was dispatched in less than two hours.

  • Registrar of Voters Kammi Foote expects a massive turnout for the June 7 presidential primary. Five hundred new voters have already registered with more anticipated during the Earth Day event at Bishop City Park. According to Foote, the primaries in 2012 and 2016 saw an increased turnout of 53-percent and 63-percent respectively. With 34 candidates running for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat, Foote explained the logistics of getting them all on the ballot has been challenging. The solution is to have a lot of white space on the front of the ballot and cramming the 34 candidates on the back of the ballot.

  • Following a needs assessment in Inyo and Mono counties, more Inyo Mono Area on Aging Agency funding will end up in Mono than in Inyo, according to Health and Human Services Director Jean Turner. Apparently, the strong response to the assessment from Walker/Coleville residents tilted the funding allocations.

  • Senior Planner Cathreen Richards brought the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan back to the Board for possible comment. Apparently, concerns expressed by the Board during the initial public comment period will be addressed in Phase II dealing with areas outside the Bureau of Land Management purview.

  • The County received a $202,860 grant to build a kayak launch at Diaz Lake. The initial grant request was for $387,000 but the funds come with engineering that should bring down the County’s cost, according to Chief Executive Officer Kevin Carunchio. The only potential monkey wrench in the works is the requirement of a 20-year lease from Los Angeles Department of Water and Power but Carunchio “fully expects cooperation.”

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