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Press Release – Inyo County stocking 2,000 pounds of Rainbow Trout

In a press release, Inyo County has announced that almost 2,000 extra pounds of rainbow trout will be stocked in Owens Valley waters by the end of the 2021 fishing season, courtesy of plants sponsored by the County of Inyo.

The approximately 4,000 additional fish that will be added to the fishing holes at Baker Creek, Tinnemaha Creek, Taboose Creek, and Independence Creek campgrounds come from the private rearing ponds at Wright’s Rainbows of Thatcher, Idaho. Inyo County will spend a total of $10,000 on the stockers as part of its ongoing efforts to supplement fish planting conducted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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Rainbow Trout

Inyo County has been sponsoring supplemental plants for more than two decades and purchasing trout from Wright’s Rainbows the past three years. (The County is not allowed per state regulations to purchase fish from any private hatchery currently operating within California.) Wright’s typically does three plants throughout the season, with approximately 600 pounds of trout released into local creeks each time. The County, through its Parks & Recreation department, works with Wright’s to ensure the planting events are done at strategic, peak times to augment CDFW stockings in those same waters.

The four campgrounds receiving the special deliveries are exceedingly popular among both local and visiting anglers. As such, the County views its long-time stocking efforts as both a public service and ongoing investment in the economy.

Jennifer Roeser Inyo County website close up“Fishing is a favorite family tradition, bringing generations of families together in the outdoors while enhancing our tourism-based economy,” said Inyo County Supervisor Jennifer Roeser. “I’m pleased that Inyo County, with the hard work of staff, has been able to maintain our fish stocking program all these years despite many challenges, providing for catchable fish in some of our most popular Eastern Sierra streams.”

Two of the three plants of Wright’s Rainbows have already been completed. The final stocking of the season will be made in the near future.

Information about Baker Creek, Tinnemaha Creek, Taboose Creek, and Independence Creek and other campgrounds can be found at

“Wishing everyone out fishing this season tight lines and clear water,” Roeser said. “And please remember to take your used and tangled fishing line with you when leaving the water.”

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