Inyo County CAO taking 8-week leave | Acting CAO Leslie Chapman will hold the reins until his return

Inyo County Assistant CAO Leslie Chapman will serve as Acting CAO in Quilter’s leave of absence.

County Administrative Officer Clint Quilter will be taking an eight-week leave to attend to a personal matter.

In his absence, Assistant County Administrative Officer Leslie Chapman will be Acting County Administrative Officer.

Mr. Quilter is expected to return sometime in February.

Assistant County Administrative Officer, Leslie Chapman, has been working for Inyo County many years. She served as the county’s elected Auditor-Controller for 10 years before leaving in 2013 to work as the Director of Finance for Mono County, and in November 2015 was appointed as the County Administrate Officer where she served for 6 years until May 2019, when she returned to the fold as the Assistant County Administrative Office for the County of Inyo, a decision received with great enthusiasm.

The county should be in very  good  hands under the leadership of Acting County Administrative Officer, Leslie Chapman, until  Quilter’s return sometime in February.

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2 years ago

Likewise. And meantime we are in good hands

2 years ago

I hope all is well with Mr. Quilter and his family.