Inyo Board of Supervisors Supports Letter to State Requesting an Easing of Restrictions on Indoor Dining & Theatres

Are you about ready to go out, sit down, and have meal in a restaurant? Many are!

At its meeting of March 9, 2021, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors received the weekly COVID-19 update from staff. The Board heard reports from Health and Human Services staff and Public Health officials regarding the current status of vaccinations, testing, and the status of the virus. The Board also took comment from members of the public including several business owners.

Considering and weighing all of this information, the Board indicated support for a proposed letter from the Board Chair to the Governor requesting that the state allow for indoor dining and theatre operation in counties currently in the Purple Tier of State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. The letter also requests changes to the tier system to make it easier for small rural counties to move from the Purple Tier to the Red Tier and to provide early access to indoor dining and theatres for those that can demonstrate that they have been vaccinated.

The Board also provided direction to concentrate the County’s limited staff resources towards vaccinations, contact tracing, and education. Although the most egregious public health violations may still be acted on, staff will prioritize its time pursuant to this Board direction.

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2 years ago

So…. moderately egregious public health violations will be ignored???
Not sure how that relates. Resources are always limited but the folks administering vaccines are not the ones supposed to be enforcing public health mandates so one shouldn’t have to choose