Bishop Police still investigate possible embezzlement

bishop_pd3001.jpgIn April, Bishop Police Chief Chris Carter had confirmed that his officers were investigating a report of a possible embezzlement from Inyo-Mono Body shop. Yesterday, the Chief said his department continues with that investigation.

Chief Carter said, “We do have an active investigation. We are following up with the necessary records and documents. We do plan to file a case with the District Attorney,” he said.

In April, the Chief said that the Police Department received a report from Inyo-Mono Body Shop that they believed they were the victim of embezzlement. After that report, police began the investigation and the lengthy review of accounting documents. Back then, the Chief said his officers had not yet established that a crime had occurred.

In April, management of Inyo-Mono Body Shop preferred not to comment.

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small town girl
small town girl
8 years ago

Looks like everyone in Bishop is trying to get on the Embezelment train. It seems to be a trend like teen pregnancy down there.

8 years ago

Or maybe Bishop’s law enforcement is just better trained at catching those who embezzle. Bishop PD had a Sergeant who recently graduated from the FBI academy and he actively trains the other officers. Embezzlement happens everywhere. It’s not some geographical phenomenon.