Inyo DA continues to investigate embezzlement case


Sources close to the situation had confirmed that the Inyo District Attorney’s Office has undertaken additional investigations in the reported embezzlement of funds from the Inyo Welfare Office in Bishop. Inyo DA Art Maillet has now issued a press release on this case.

The release says that investigators from the DA’s Office “will be taking over the investigation in the alleged embezzlement of public funds from the Inyo County Health and Human Services.” The release goes on to say that the Bishop Police Department had sent a law enforcement report to the District Attorney’s Office. According to the DA, “It required additional investigation and was returned to the Bishop Police Department for further clarification of several issues.”

The DA says that Chief Chris Carter has “informed the District Attorney’s Office that after their follow-up investigation, they will do no further investigation due to the lack of resources.” The DA says his office will complete the investigation.

When contacted for his comments, Chief Carter said, “The DA has decided to pursue other charges in addition to the embezzlement. The PD and District Attorney have worked closely together on this investigation, however, as stated by the District Attorney, the PD did not have sufficient resources to complete the additional investigation regarding these other offenses and therefore the District Attorney Investigators have taken over that portion of this investigation.”

Chief Carter had reported that his department concluded and handed the embezzlement case over to the DA on February 21st. Since then, reports indicate, other issues came up for investigation. Officials have so far not revealed how much money is involved in this case.

The DA’s press release says that his office will complete their investigation “on or about April 15th. At that time,” says the release, “the DA’s Office will determine what charges should be filed, if any, and who should be charged.”

In earlier weeks of the investigation, Bishop Police identified Dawndee Rossy, a Welfare Office employee, as a “person of interest.” Officers had served a search warrant at her Bishop home.

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4 Responses to Inyo DA continues to investigate embezzlement case

  1. Jeremiah's ego April 1, 2013 at 10:27 am #

    “And Justice for All” Unless your a Celebrity, Politician, or Within the law enforcement’s good side.
    Just think if George W. Bush, William (Bill) Clinton, Barack Obama all could have gotten arrested for their own drug use they consumed in their day, their lives would have been ruined! or the chance of becoming the leader of the free world would have been down the drain! So why is anyone OK to ruin anymore un-blossomed young people lives and put them in the system when they haven’t even fully developed into the person they could be? The last three presidents were all guilty for the same thing that continues to ruin more lives when we all know the picking and choosing of who suffers and who doesn’t will continue to happen.

  2. Roy March 29, 2013 at 7:01 am #

    Having spent many years investigating major fraud cases, they are very complicated crimes to investigate and I wonder if Bishop PD has any detectives that are highly trained in investigating these type of crimes…They can be very time consuming and many small depts. just don’t have the resources or manpower to investigate them…If that is the case, then the dept. needs to call in investigators from the Dept of Justice…

  3. Trouble March 29, 2013 at 6:02 am #

    Knowing Rossy has family on the Bishop PD, doesn’t it seem odd that the DA and police gave two different reasons for this latest twist in this investigation? We all know the DA will not release any info. to the people/press. How convenient . Was this lack of resource or conflict of interest??

  4. Trouble March 28, 2013 at 7:15 pm #

    The state should take over this case ASAP!


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