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Mammoth Town Manager Dan Holler Photo courtesy of

Mammoth Town Manager Dan Holler Photo courtesy of

Without the drama and speculation of many past Town Manager appointments, the Mammoth Town Council recently and unanimously approved Interim Town Manager Dan Holler as the permanent guy.

Several commented on how easy it was to negotiate a contract with Mr. Holler at a salary savings over the previous manager. Town Attorney Andy Morris said that the terms, salary and severance pay are all “very favorable to the Town.” Mayor Rick Wood said the ease with which they got the deal done was “a real pleasure.” Said Wood, “We believe he is the guy with the right fit and who has enthusiastically gotten into his work.” He added that Holler’s deal will set the stage for compensation structure of senior management in the future.

Councilman Matthew Lehman pointed to the situation before Holler as somewhat out of control. He said to Holler, “Your coming in made us realize we weren’t completely crazy.” Councilman John Eastman said Holler has accomplished more in four months than others before him.

The employment agreement with Holler says it is effective and continues through December of 2015 unless terminated or extended by the Council. Holler works at the will of the Council which can end the agreement with or without cause. Termination without cause will entitle Holler to receive a severance payment equal to six weeks of his salary. His base salary is set at $3,038.46 per week. He is eligible for a 5% merit increase annually. Holler is covered under the Public Employees Retirement System and by the Town’s health insurance.

The Town will provide a vehicle to Holler for Town business and for “occasional and necessary personal purposes.” The Town will also provide Holler with a housing unit at no charge, including payment for utility bills. This housing will be provided for one year.

The agreement includes other typical considerations and does spell out that Holler will work from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday plus attendance at meetings and other requirements.

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Jenn Mately
Jenn Mately
9 years ago

Any decision made by the council has my doubts about being the right thing. Look at their track record.