Injury accident and arrest

chp_logo.jpgAn accident at the intersection of Virginia Street and Pine Creek Road led to an arrest for causing injuries while driving under the influence of alcohol, according to the Highway Patrol.

A press release from Bishop headquarters reported that Kami Holliday, 42 of Bishop, was driving her Ford Explorer facing north at the stop sign at the intersection of Virginia and Pine Creek Roads.

Officers said that Scott Wheeler, 56 of Mammmoth Lakes, was riding his bicycle eastbound on Pine Creek Road at a stated speed of 20 miles per hour. Officers said Holliday failed to yield the right of way to Wheeler, drove her Explorer onto Pine Creek Road and made a U-turn in front of Wheeler.

The CHP said Wheeler applied his brakes and turned to the left to try to avoid the Explorer. Wheeler was unable to avoid a collision. He hit the right rear side of the Explorer. Wheeler sustained abrasions to his face and knees and bruised his left hip.

Officers said they arrested Holliday for causing injuries while driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Charles O. Jones
Charles O. Jones
8 years ago

Don’t drink and drive folks, it’s just not worth it.

Best of luck to Mr. Wheeler with his recovery.