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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024





Wildcare Eastern Sierra director Cindy Kamler and staff members Danielle Manriquez and Leith Felgar show off their latest “admission,” an F-250, 2012, special truck generously donated by Inyo County to our local wildlife rehab facility.

Former specialized Inyo County Animal Services truck donated to Wildcare Eastern Sierra by county.

This specialized vehicle originally served Inyo County Animal Services in their tasks of rescuing domestic animals that are lost, abandoned, injured or confiscated. The unique truck body consists of numerous compartments for handling necessary equipment; some can hold animals themselves.

Wildcare is deeply grateful to the County for their new vehicle that carries nets, cages, gloves, and medication for use in rescuing injured, orphaned, or out of place wild animals from roadsides, backyards, houses and barns, ponds and canals. It also serves for returning an animal, now recovered from injuries, back to its home territory.

Thankfully, this tough Ford-250 can travel over good roads and bad, climb rocky slopes, and splash through shallow ditches or mud holes. It can cover all parts of our territory that ranges from Ridgecrest and Death Valley, Fish Lake Valley and Dyer, Highway 6, Yosemite, Mono County, and as far north as the Nevada line.

Wildcare also sends thanks to the wonderful people at Alex Printing. They donated the placement and design of identifying logos and images on the truck, letting drivers, neighbors, and agencies know that Wildcare is at work helping one of our wild animal neighbors. Their signage will also include a QR code which allows folks to scan with their phones and go directly to our website!