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Reds Meadow Road Improvements Project

CA FTFS 03S11(1)

When: March 20, 2017, Morning Session: 9-11 AM; Evening Session: 5-7 PM

Where: 437 Old Mammoth Road Suite Z, Mammoth Lakes CA 93546

What: The Federal Highways Administration Central Federal Lands Highway Division (FHWA-CFLHD), in partnership with the United States Forest Service and Town of Mammoth Lakes, will hold a public information meeting to discuss the completed Planning and Environmental Linkages Study (PEL), conceptual design, and the NEPA/CEQA analysis and documentation currently underway for the Reds Meadow Road Improvements Project. The meeting format will be open house, with an opportunity for the public to provide comments directly to the project team members. Following the presentation, project staff will be on hand to answer questions. Information gathered at the public meeting will be used in conjunction with feedback received as part of the stakeholder meetings and agency coordination to help guide future efforts on the project.

Project Description: The purpose of the project is to improve the deteriorated condition of Reds Meadow Road and improve vehicular travel mobility so as to continue to provide access to recreational resources. The roadway is currently in a deteriorated state, and the steep one-lane roadway in the upper 2.5 miles hinders user mobility as opposing vehicular traffic cannot readily and safely pass each other. The resulting conditions include long queues of waiting vehicles and ongoing safety concerns. Inadequate sight distance at curves and narrow shoulders also hinder passing and create additional safety concerns. Without improvements, the roadway deterioration will continue and vehicular mobility further constrained. A PEL study and conceptual design were completed in late 2016. The PEL concluded a one/two lane combination or a continuous two lane roadway would most successfully address the improved mobility needs for the project. The project will also consider other improvements, including repaving the Minaret Vista parking lot and minor realignment of Reds Meadow Road near Devils Postpile National Monument to improve the poor sight distance curve. The project is now moving into the NEPA/CEQA clearance phase of project development with technical analysis and documentation both underway.

Contact: Questions or comments regarding the public meeting can be directed to:

Wendy Longley

Project Manager



[email protected]


Horseshoe Meadows Road

Substantial rain and snow from the atmospheric river events that took place in January and February of 2017 caused significant damage on Horseshoe Meadows Road. In one particular area, weather induced erosion has reduced the road to an unstable and unsafe single-lane.

The Inyo County Road Department has inspected the road damage that can currently be accessed and is in the process of determining the scope of the project, including the time estimate involved in the required road repair. At this time repair work will involve stabilizing the roadbed, stabilizing the shoulder, and preventative measures that would reduce further erosion.

Currently Horseshoe Meadows Road is under normal winter closure; however, it is important that the public is aware that this road is unsafe. As the project progresses more information will be released, including the projected opening of the road.

Thank you for your patience.


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