Inyo Narcotics Enforcement Team agents report that a total of nine students have been involved in the sales, purchase and buhsuse of marijuana on school grounds.

Agents said that earlier in January, suspicious behavior displayed by a student in the presence of a non-law enforcement drug detection canine caught the attention of observant school administrators at Bishop High School.

Agents said tha the administrators located marijuana in the students’ possession and contacted INET. Agents conducted a two-week investigation, which revealed a student at the high school was selling marijuana to other students.

Of the nine students involved in these crimes, six were suspended, two face expulsion and one student was cited for possession of marijuana in addition to facing expulsion.

Bishop High School uses a private company, Interquest Detection Canine Services, to conduct unannounced visits at the high school for the purpose of detecting illicit drugs and firearms.

INET agents vowed to continue to work with local schools and parents to keep schools drug free and to promote a positive learning environment.

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