Independence Reservoir Transformation

Inyo officials planned to meet with representatives of the State Office of Emergency Services to learn how to fill out paperwork to get disaster funding. The process could mean a new water reservoir for the town of Independence.

The reservoir sits in the vicinity of Independence Creek, where fire rushed down the valley in early July, melting the top of the reservoir, making it unuseable. Residents had to boil water for a couple of weeks, while Inyo County installed big, temporary tanks.

Inyo Public Works Director Ron Chegwidden said that it appears that the cost would be less to buy two large steel tanks for above groundwater storage, replacing the reservoir altogether. Chegwidden said the current, underground reservoir may not comply with regulations anyway. He hopes the state will provide the money to buy the two steel tanks, which would also increase the storage capacity meeting fire flow and daily water demands.

Inyo County will cost estimates and other details for the tank costs. Chegwidden said the tank option would be better for the community and the water system – easier to maintain and reliable.

The State will assess the issues and make a decision.


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