Increased Density for Mammoth Projects Raises Water Concerns

On the water scene in Mammoth Lakes, members of the Mammoth Community Water District say they're concerned that Town of Mammoth officials have increased the density of new projects without considering if there is enough water or sewer service. The Water District based planning and rates on density stated in the Town General Plan, but now town officials have voted to increase density for some projects.mcwd.jpg

When the Water Board last met, they directed their staff to talk with town staff and get some communication going. Greg Norby, new General Manager at the District, said that the District would like to get involved in the planning process early enough to bring water concerns into the picture.

Last week, the Mammoth Town Council debated doubling the density or number of units from 40 per acre to 80 for the Clearwater project on Old Mammoth Road. Officials failed to discuss the impact on water service.

Norby said that Water District staff have started talks with Town staff on the water and density issue. He said that recently, they talked to Town Manager Rob Clark about this. Norby said the Water District's position is "we're here to serve the utility uses of the Town. We're not a land use planning agency." Norby agreed that land use and water service do go hand in hand. He added that everyone now seems to recognize the need to address this issue.

More expected on this at the next Water Board meeting this month.

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