In Election Chaos, Mammoth Schools Try Again

Ironically, the ill-fated Mammoth School parcel tax has surfaced during this voting machine bedlam. Elections Manager Robles said she received a call that Mammoth Schools want a special election in November to re-try the parcel tax which failed by just 13 votes in June. Big question – on what will citizens vote?

Mammoth School Superintendent Mike DeRisi said that at the last School Board meeting the consultant on the parcel tax reported that there was a chance the tax might succeed at another election since the numbers of no votes were the same as in past elections in which measures succeeded.

DeRisi said that school board members heard from citizens that they couldn't vote or forgot to and were disappointed that the $59 parcel tax failed. With state funds for education somewhat shaky, Mammoth officials decided to hold another election. "Our consultants think its okay," said DeRisi. He said he has heard from enough citizens that the election should go again.

This time it will go in the midst of election system confusion.

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