$4.5 million on new and improved Mammoth Vons

vons800Since the store was built some 25 years ago, Vons in Mammoth Lakes has not changed much. It will when a $4.5 million expansion gets underway in building season. Most businesses at the Minaret Mall are excited about the renewed activity Vons’ expansion will bring.

Vice President of Vons Real Estate, Brian Braaten, says the additional space in the new plans will “breathe life into the mall area.” Braaten says the changes have been “a long time coming. In addition to the expansion, we will renovate the current facility,” he said.

The new plans will move the Vons Pharmacy to the mall space and double it in size. Starbucks will move to the mall space and nearly double in size. Braaten says all of this will “relieve the parking pressure on the lower level in front of Vons and bring synergy to the mall.”

The former Elegant Bath space and planter in the middle of the mall will apparently make way for the Vons’ pharmacy and Starbucks with lots of extra seating. Braaten says Vons has gone to local photographers for images to “tell the story of Mammoth Lakes” in the new space.

Inside the current store, the deli will undergo expansion and other changes will unfold in the additional space. Braaten said, “There will be a lot of room to improve.” He assured that Vons will go for expanded lines and a greatly improved facility.

Braaten said Vons also decided to give the exterior a significant facelift with a look similar to the stores in Lake Tahoe and Bend, Oregon. He said, “When tourists visit and leave, they will take away a better impression.” He added that the new plans will “showcase City Hall and our store.” Town offices will remain where they are with some changes in the outside appearance.

Braaten said Vons has worked hand in hand with the Town and gained unanimous approval from the Planning Commission.


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2 Responses to $4.5 million on new and improved Mammoth Vons

  1. Desco January 31, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    Who’e doing the work? I would like to apply for a job.

  2. Jeremiah's Alter Ego January 31, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    I believe most people are too lazy to act on authentic change. There is simply not enough motivation within the population. People are content with their standard of living, their iPhones, their Starbucks, their wal-marts. And for those who aren’t content with their standard of living, they are so caught up in the daily struggle of making ends meat, financial security is the only thing on their minds – and 10 dollars a month is taking food off of their plates. If a dog is getting unhealthy food that will eventually kill him, but tastes delicious and is immediately satisfying, this dog will not attack his master in demands of healthy food, he continue to eat his food and be happy until he dies. Take away all his food, and then he will begin to fight. Americans are too content.


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