ICEA offers new proposal to Inyo County

AFSCME press release

County employees who are part of Inyo County Employees Association, Local 315 of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, have offered another new proposal to Inyo County Administration, breaking the impasse which had been in place since members voted down the County’s proposal in early June. The parties have been bargaining since March of 2016 for a successor to the contract which expired last October.

To address the bargaining stalemate, members came up with a creative proposal for a four year agreement at their July membership meeting. The new proposal lowers the average annual wage increase from 2% in ICEA’s prior proposal, to 1.5% annually, significantly reducing costs to the County.

Essentially, members said that with an additional 2% in the fourth year and adjusted implementation dates, they could live with the County’s proposed amounts of 1, 1, and 2 in the first three years of the MOU,” explained President Janelle Kent.

By breaking the impasse, ICEA members have extended an olive branch to Administration, offering both parties a way back to the table to bargain in good faith and arrive at a tentative agreement. ICEA members also offered a “cooling off” period, during which no public actions have taken place.

So far, the County has not accepted any of the bargaining dates ICEA has proposed.

We hope the County recognizes the significant movement we have made in order to open the door for a respectful and productive exchange of proposals,” explains Kent. “Not talking to each other simply isn’t to anyone’s benefit. “

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6 years ago

So by making this a press release, are you hoping that it buys you some public support (not)? I really don’t need to hear about all of ASCME’s sacrifices. It is a mistake bringing all this out to the public. If the offer was so good, then it should be… Read more »