ICARE Pet Contest Winners

Lisa Schade of ICARE issued the following information:

Here are the results from this year’s ICARE Pet Contest, which took place at the Tri-County Fair on Sunday, September 4, 2011.


Pet Most Like Owner

1st Place: Walt Sharer & his West Highland Terrier “Louie

2nd Place: Jamie Jarvis & her Chocolate Lab “Owen”

3rd Place: Sally Dore & her Maltese “Nola”

Most Talented Pet

1st Place: Jessa Roberts & her Miniature Schnauzer “Muffin”

2nd Place: Tricia Weatherford & her Golden Retriever “Sage”

3rd Place: Yvonne Froiland & her Shetland Sheepdog “Princess”


Biggest Pet

1st Place: Greg Smith & his Great Dane “Roman”

2nd Place: Aaron Fischer & his Lab mix “Tiny”

3rd Place: Russell Fischer & his Lab mix “Teeny”

Smallest Pet

1st Place: Isabella Roberts & her pet rat “Ratta”

2nd Place: Calla Roberts & her Rosy Boa Snake “Racer”

3rd Place: Jenna Anderson & her Yorkshire Terrier “Abraham”


Cutest Pet

1st Place: Lisa Yeager & her German Wirehaired Pointer “Dakota”

2nd Place: Andie Paz & her Shetland Sheepdog “L.C.”

3rd Place: Brian Adkins & his Border Collie mix “Tibs”

Best Dressed Pet

1st Place: Jamie Jarvis & her Australian Shepherd mix “Stella”

2nd Place: Dan Froiland & his Shetland Sheepdog “Mars”

3rd Place: Aime Banta & her Chihuahua “Chee Chee”

Outstanding Adopted Pet (from Inyo or Mono Animal Shelter)

1st Place: Donna Brazier & her Dachshund mix “Izzy”

2nd Place: Aime Banta & her Chihuahua “Chee Chee”

3rd Place: Russell Fischer & his 2 Lab mix brothers “Teeny” & “Tiny”


Lisa Schade

ICARE (Inyo and Mono County Animal Resources & Education)

P.O. Box 76; Bishop, CA 93515

Telephone: 760-872-3802


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