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[Press Release from Inyo County Sheriff’s Office]

INYO COUNTY, CA, August 20, 2020 – On three separate days (July 24, August 18, and August 19) the Inyo County Sheriff’s Department with assistance from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), U.S. Air Force National Guard Unit, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Department of Justice (DOJ) CAMP Team # 3 and 4 eradicated 42,306 illegal marijuana plants from three locations off public lands within Inyo County. Street value is estimated to be between $84,612,000 and $169,224,000.

All agencies assisting in the eradication operation want to remind residents and visitors of the dangers that are inherent on illegal marijuana cultivation. If you become aware that you have come upon a cultivation site, leave immediately and do not attempt to engage with the growers. Once in a safe location, report as many details about the location to the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office at 760-878-0383, option 4.

Marijuana cultivation causes extreme damage to ecosystems. As part of the illegal cultivation process, growers are responsible for using miles of plastic tubing and diverting water from natural sources for crop irrigation. The use of banned herbicides and pesticides is also common practice. Additionally, marijuana cultivation sites often contain large amounts of trash and create fire hazards in wildland areas. Reclamation will be conducted through BLM and US Forest Service.

Law enforcement officers continue to investigate the grow site. No arrests have been made at this time.