How To Run for the Mammoth Hospital Board

Recent news of deep financial problems and lay-offs at Mammoth Hospital has prompted some interest among Mammoth residents to run for the hospital board. Some citizens believed current board members hadnt actually run for office.mammoth-hospital-entrance

In fact, some board members didnt. At the last election, three seats were open on the hospital board, but only two candidates signed up. Those two assumed seats and a third appointment was made.

As current Board Chairman Don Sage said at the last hospital board meeting, there have not been a lot of people jumping at the chance to run. Current events may change that.

Three seats will open up in November of 2010. The seats currently held by these board members will be up for election: Don Sage, Helen Shepherd and Dan Wright. The other two seats are up in 2012. They are held by Lynda Salcido and Jack Copeland. Terms end on the fourth Friday of November.

Mammoth Hospital does post news of the vacancies with local media, at the post office and at the hospital.

The hospital board members are all elected for a four year term. If a seat becomes vacant mid-term, the board appoints a new director who serves the remainder of the term.

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