Housing Assistance Available



Housing Assistance Available through IMACA and Mammoth Lakes Housing

While California and the country is slowly emerging from the past year’s battle with COVID-19, the impacts are still being felt by those least able to deal with them. But, there is still help with housing costs available through Inyo Mono Advocates for Community Action and Mammoth Housing.
The two organizations are partnering in a Community Webinar August 10, from 6-7 p.m. to provide information on current programs. If the idea of filling out forms is a bit overwhelming, both organizations will be helping applicants at scheduled sessions at the Tri-County Fairgrounds from September 2 through September 5.
Here are the highlights of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Program. The program’s total funding level is $5.2 billion through rounds 1 and 2.
Payments have been increased to cover 100-percent of unpaid rent.
Eligible renters whose landlords don’t participate can still receive 100-percent of unpaid rent but will be required to pay their landlord within 15 business days.
Both landlords with one or more eligible renters with unpaid rent or renters impacted by COVID-19 and experiencing housing instability are eligible. Either can start the application process.
Applications from households at the greatest risk of eviction will be prioritized
The application process has been updated and simplified
Help is available for unpaid rent dating back to April 1, 2020 as well as for future events
In addition, assistance is available for unpaid utility bills dating back to April 1, 2020 as well as into the future, but is limited to a total of 12 months and paid directly to the provider
To apply, visit HousingIsKey.com. For in-language help or for assistance with eligibility requirements or filling out the application, call IMACA at (760) 873-7709 or Mammoth Lakes Housing at (760) 934-4740.


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Many Moons Local
Many Moons Local
1 month ago

Especially those who are long time locals grew up worked here, served their country etc….that became disabled living on $900.00 a month or collect minimal social security and can not work due to the availability of doable jobs. That can no longer afford the space rent for their cheap little trailers they have lived in for years with much appreciation they called home. But because of yearly increases in space rent from greedy owners that improve nothing, they could no longer afford to keep their home and had to sell its for peanuts, literally, to out of town folks who wanted a vacation home here. Sadly when seeking help to assist in the increasing space rent there was none, no one could help, not any government, state, county or city programs were available, why? Are they deemed worthless now because of age and or disability? Hopefully they had family members to take them in or a good friend willing to roommate with, yet still the struggle to pay the absurd pathetic rental rates here in some of the scum lord rental properties. There are single parents paying high rent with greedy cheap landlords who won’t fix their wells so the water is safe to drink so the single parent struggling to care for their child/children can be in a good safe home, those single parents have to get safe drinking water elsewhere but pay their high rents monthly and on time. The rental problem here is an issue for all who choose or have to rent. Is there a problem here? Yes there is a big many of problems, how about fixing the real issues along with beautification of our city of Bishop as well all other areas?

1 month ago

This is a joke for our area. People are losing their homes in record numbers due to non locals buying rental units and forcing the longtime tenants to vacate. People with jobs cannot find replacement housing!!! We are not like most areas where workers can ‘just move further out’….there is no further out to move to. Bishop has almost as much of a housing problem. Something needs to be done…Short term rentals in Mammoth need to be further restricted. I’m tired of business owners complaining that no-one wants to work. No-one wants to work where they can’t find housing!