Fairview Fire

First, homeowners in the Fairview area of West Bishop had to endure a fire that destroyed their homes. Then, some were told the land those homes sat on never legally belonged to them.

This story seems to have a much better ending.

The premise: the sale of tribal lands by Esther Watterson roughly 70 years ago wasn’t legal as there was no apparent proof any sale was approved by the federal government, a requirement put on tribal lands.

But, according to Tyler Core of Inyo-Mono Title Company, the government did approve the sale and Inyo-Mono Title has the paperwork to prove it. One common premise is that “private citizens and businesses are better at their job than local or federal government”. That was Core’s explanation of the misinformation.

The title insurance wouldn’t have messed this up because that’s what they do for a living.

Case closed.

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