Homeland Security at Home

When extreme weather hits, or worse, Mammoth Lakes and its thousands of visitors need to know what to do. In the past, communication has fallen short of helpful, but now, Town officials say they are ready. Just in time for Homeland Security’s National Preparedness month.

Stuart Brown, Community Relations Manager, said that “systems are in place.” Suite Z, where the Town Council meets, will double as the Emergency Operations Center or EOC during disasters.

The Town, which can face major weather issues with tourists stranded and nowhere to go, will provide shelter and information so visitors and locals can make good decisions.

A public information line is designed to keep people up to date. That number is 934-8054.

The preparedness idea is for all of us to get ready for difficult times – weather-related, earthquake or fire. In a statement about preparedness, Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff is quoted as saying that “personal preparedness is paramount to effectively reacting to the effects of a disaster. By preparing yourself, your family and your business,” Chertoff said, “you allow first responders to prioritize efforts and aid.”

Town of Mammoth officials have encouraged the public to call the information lilne and to tune in to local radio, including the Sierra Wave at 92.5FM. We will also provide information on TV33 on cable.

Brown said that he and Risk Manager Michael Grossblatt are both the Town Public Information Officers. During emergency situations, they will be assisted by PIOs from the MLPD, Sheriff’s office and USFS.

For more, check out websites for Red Cross or U.S. Homeland Security.


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