Hispanic Advisory Committee meets Tuesday

The Mammoth Lakes Police-Community Hispanic Advisory Committee will meet Tuesday night. hispanicommittee

Members of the committee will talk about planning for a Town Hall meeting May 25th. It will be a large gathering to give local Hispanic residents a chance to bring up issues and questions. It’s another part of a larger plan to deal with a growing part of the Mammoth Lakes community.

The committee will talk about recruitment for an interpreter and translator.

Police Chief Dan Watson will talk about the Corazon Project. The Chief explained that this is something he was involved in when he lived in South Pasadena. The Corazon Project is a non-profit organization that puts together projects that build a house in a day in Mexico for those who are eligible. Chief Watson wants to team up with the Mammoth Rotary Clubs and maybe the Hispanic Committee to do a project next fall or spring. Much more on that later.

The meeting of the Hispanic Committee Tuesday night starts at 6pm in the large conference room in the Town Offices.

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