Hiking Tours of Alabama Hills

alabama_hills-1On Friday March 12th, Dave Kirk, BLMs Alabama Hills Steward, led a group of hikers on a geologic arches tour through some remote sections of the Alabama Hills, west of Lone Pine. A beautiful spring day made for the best of conditions to take in the natural beauty of this often bypassed national treasure.
alabama_hills-2Included in the hike was the Hitching Post arch and others seen here. The first of two guided hikes planned for this spring, it proved to be an excellent educational opportunity as well as good exercise for the participants. If getting to see these locations in person interests you, the next hike is scheduled for Saturday March 20th, startingat10:00am,alabama_hillsl-3meeting at the corner of Whitney Portal Road and Movie Road, in the hills west of Lone Pine.
A reasonably good level of fitness is required and bringing at least one liter of water per person is a must, more, if the day is warm.
To find out more, you can contact Jim Jennings at the BLM office in Bishop at 760-872-5027.

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