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Following are highlights from the February 2, 2022 meeting of the Mammoth Town Coucilmembers as submitted by Deb Murphy.

 Sixteen Tesla Charging Stations will be installed, at no cost to the Town, at the Community
Recreation Center. Four of the 16 will be Gen2 chargers, free to the public. The chargers are
not, however, Tesla exclusive. Councilmember John Wentworth raised the issue of non-
Tesla electric vehicles and the need for non-Tesla chargers. “Tesla has the predominance of
the market now,” he said, “but others will be coming online soon.”

 Focus areas for the upcoming joint meeting with Mammoth Lakes Housing were laid out,
in addition to questions regarding the relationship between the two bodies. Council
members agreed on looking at current deed restricted units, the growing wait list for future
tenants, potential sources for additional grant funding and the basic relationship between
the NGO (non-governmental organization) and the Town.

 Developing a policy for pay-outs by the Town came up following the Mammoth Lakes
Police Department payment to compensate the victim of an errant MLPD police cruiser.
Councilmember Bill Sauser maintained cash settlements are widely done but if Mammoth
Lakes intends to use that process, a policy should be developed.

 Town manager Dan Holler’s evaluation was glowing.

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